we will connect every community across the nation by giving our time, treasure, and talents in support of local non-profits





“The Collective Foundation group of volunteers that attended our annual summer camp in Summerton were absolutely amazing.  They helped our Special Events Committee decorate for Prom.  It can be quite a chore to decorate an old bare gym for this magical evening, but we always find a way.  They stepped right in to help with the massive decorating of the gym.  They just some how knew what to do and just went right to work with little or no direction They had everything done in no time at all.  I think the best compliment that can be said for this incredible group is that our Camp Happy Days Special Events Committee would like them back every year and even for the entire week of Camp!”

Cindy Hay Johnson

Executive Director, Camp Happy Days




“In a moment when we needed it most, our agency was awarded a community grant from the Foundation. Our journey to securing the grant was seamless. I LOVE that they utilized social media because it took away the monotony of long paperwork and extended number crunching to focusing on bringing awareness to our nonprofit that we couldn’t have done alone.  We were able to rest in the fact that the message of our nonprofit would speak for itself. They gave us that opportunity.  Upon receiving the grant, we were able to open the doors of our agency, and this was HUGE for us.  Many families have been saved from the humiliation of homelessness and/or no lights, as well as unsuing their babies had clean bottoms from our free community diaper bank. This grant was more than the wind beneath our wings, they actually gave us the wings to fly!!”

Nefateri Smalls

CEO, Healing Hurts






“Representation and visibility is everything, especially when you are a small nonprofit tackling huge social problems. The video segments shot by the Foundation amplified the voices of our youth and volunteers, helping us reach people we would have never reached before.  The videos really help educate people with human faces.”

Melissa Moore

Executive Director, We Are Family

Giving Back


Every Year Community members suggest nonprofits for us to support.  This is done both through the below nomination process as well as through voting in the Collective Force Mobile App.  Our board will contact you when you are under consideration, and you will be required to write us a paragraph asking for what you need.

Yes, simple.  We know.

Our local team will review & award nonrestricted funds based on availability.


Each year the Collective Force Foundation supports local nonprofits through our Time, Treasure, Talent model in every market served by Collective Force, LLC.

Our beneficiaries are nominated by the community and selected based on us developing a relationship through personal interations with our local foundation team.  We seek to serve 6 to 10 nonprofits each year in every market.

We move forward based on a mutual commitment from all parties, and all of our services are a gift from us to them.


We are the Collective Force Foundation

Founded with a vision to enable millions of people to fulfill what we believe is our purpose on earth: to serve God and to serve others.  We are funded by Collective Force, LLC; a mission based company that serves as a fundraising platform for schools, churches, and nonprofits.

The Collective Force Mobile App offers an exclusive local only discount network to consumers while encouraging and facilitating charitable relationships between local businesses, members of the community, and local nonprofit organisations.

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