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is honored to present 


September 19st, 2017

Hosted at RIVERDOG Stadium

We are excited to have you join us for a brand new spin on what has become one of the most impactful days of giving for local Charleston non-profits for the entire year.  Our pledge to the community is to pick up where the past years left off, execute on lessons learned, continue to improve, and deliver the most powerful Lowcountry Giving Day to date.

This year we will measure success by participation, not just in total dollars raised.  More People Giving.  More Businesses Contributing.  More Non-profits participating. The power in Lowcountry Giving Day 2017 will be found in the Collective energy of the Lowcountry community uniting for a common good.

We will achieve this by putting on the first Lowcountry Giving Day Event, hosted at Riverdogs Stadium, and promoted by multiple local media partners.  Finally getting Lowcountry Giving Day the outside attention it deserves, we envision local nonprofits engaging the community beyond their current circles.  Leading to countless opportunities for new business and personal relationships.